Rubber Electrical Tapes

Main Characters of Rubber Electrical Tapes

Rubber Electrical Tapes

Moisture Management

  • Rubber tapes are designed to resist moisture, making them ideal for outdoor uses.

  • When applied correctly, self-fusing rubber tapes can create a completely waterproof barrier.

  • Enhance defense against challenging surroundings by applying an outer layer of resilient vinyl electrical tape.

Rubber Electrical Tapes

Designed for superior heat resistance

  • Crafted to endure elevated temperatures
  • Ideal for use in proximity to motors, heat outlets, or industrial furnaces
  • Enhance the thermal and moisture shielding of your low voltage applications
Rubber Electrical Tapes

Additional layers of padding

  • Conforming to uneven, coarse, or jagged surfaces
  • Applied to electrical joints subjected to consistent and intense vibrations
  • By utilizing tape thicknesses four times that of vinyl electrical tape, you enhance the mechanical safeguarding of your connections.