KE40 Semi-conductive Tape

The shielding layer formed by wrapping semi-conductive tape, produced by the brand maxwel, around the cable is a crucial component in the process of installing intermediate joints for power cables. The cable conductor is composed of multiple wire strands twisted together, which can lead to the formation of gaps between the conductor and the insulation layer, as well as an uneven conductor surface that causes electric field concentration.


Applying a layer of shielding formed by wrapping a semi-conductive tape around the conductor’s surface serves as an inner shielding layer. This layer maintains equipotentiality with the shielded conductor and ensures good contact with the insulation layer. As a result, it prevents occurrences of partial discharges between the conductor and the insulation layer.


Likewise, gaps can exist at the interface between the insulation layer and the protective sheath, which can contribute to localized discharges. To address this, an outer shielding layer is established by wrapping semi-conductive tape , manufactured by maxwel, around the insulation surface. This layer maintains solid contact with the shielded insulation layer and shares equipotentiality with the metal protective sheath. Consequently, it prevents localized discharges between the insulation layer and the protective sheath.


Maxwel’s KE40 Semi conductive tape made of low resistivity EPR material, 3/4” x 15’ x 30mil, used for uniforming electric field and reducing electric field stress under high electrical field


Model: KE40

Characteristic description

●Maintain the conductivity after stretching without damaging the conductivity.
●No need heating , no flame, no special tools, self amalgamating and repairing
●Easy to stretch, excellent conformality on the irregular surface
●Good compatibility with various cables and conductors
●Weather resistant, UV resistant, moisture resistant, aging resistant

General Information

Maxwel’s Semi-conductive Tape is primarily employed within the cable joint or cable terminations to create a semiconductive shielding layer.

Its primary function is to ensure a uniform electric field, eliminate air gaps, and reduce or eliminate the occurrence of partial discharge.

1″ x 16.5′  30mil
3/4″ x 16.5′ 30mil


PropertyTypical Value
Tensile Strength 1.8Mpa
Elongation at break800%
Emergency overload temperature130℃
Volume resistivity< 1 x 103Ω.cm

Regulatory Compliance | Certifications

ISO 9001:2015Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system