Electrical Vinyl Tape

VINYL electrical tape(PVC electrical tape) specifically refers to the tape used by electricians to prevent leakage and provide insulation. It possesses excellent insulation resistance, flame retardant properties, and weather resistance, making it suitable for wire connections and electrical insulation protection.

Insulation tape is also known as insulating tape or adhesive tape and is composed of a backing material and pressure-sensitive adhesive layer.

It is used by electricians to prevent leakage and achieve insulation effects.

Main Characters of Vinyl Tape

Rubber Electrical Tapes

Dielectric Strength

MAXWEL Electrical Tapes utilize unique adhesives that play a role in preventing corrosion, thereby maintaining the highest electric field strength that the insulation is capable of enduring.

Rubber Electrical Tapes


After MAXWEL Vinyl Tape application, the tape’s elasticity will progressively reduce, effectively sealing connections against external impurities. Once stretched, the tape will regain its original form, providing increased maneuverability during the installation process.

Rubber Electrical Tapes


When durability is a priority for your tape, the quality of adhesion becomes crucial. Our tape’s ability to stick effectively across various temperatures owes itself to the superior-grade raw materials used, ensuring that you have reliable sticking power precisely when and where it’s required.