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KE27 Fire-resistant and Arc proofing Tape

KE27 Fire-resistant and Arc proofing Tape

Fire-resistant and Arc proofing Tape, No adhesive, Fire Resistant, Arc-proof, used for protecting cables

Model: KE27

Standard Size:
60mm (W) X 0.76mm (T) X 5m (L)

Characteristic description

● No adhesive, Smooth surface, Soft
● Self-extinguishing and will expand when being fired
● Flame Retardant and Arc-proof
● UV, Moisture, Acid and Alkali Resistance
● Non-toxic, Smell-less and No pollution

● Fire and electric arc resistant protection for cable joints
● Fire resistance and protection of cable joints in power and telecommunications equipment rooms
● Fire resistance and protection of high and low voltage cables in needed places
● Fire resistance and protection for cables of cable wells and fire pipes

General Information

KE27 is a non-adhesive fire-resistant and arc proofing tape, no isolation film, smooth surface and high conformable. It has excellent fire-resistant and arc-proof, good UV-resistant and acid-resistant performance. KE27 will expand when get fired and form a flame-retardant carbonized layer for protecting the cable.


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