Bondwell13 Self-curing Insulation Waterproof Protection Pad

Bondwell13 Self-Curing Insulation Waterproof Protection Pad, Ideal for waterproof insulation protection, 120mm x 120mm x 2mm x 3PCS/bag


Model: Bondwell13

Characteristic description

●Self-cured under room temperature and moisture in the air within 7 days
●Easy for installing by hand, no need special tools
●High conformable, suitable for different irregular surfaces
●Temperature, weather, aging and UV resistance
●Flame Retardant (V-0 grade)

General Information

Bondwell13 Self-Curing Insulation Waterproof Protection Pad is an ideal product for waterproof insulation protection of 10kV and below bare wire and exposed electrical connection in line, especially for emergency quick repair work. The initial state of Bondwell23 is very soft, and its high conformable makes itself very suitable for the irregular surface of the lines and electric equipment


PropertyTypical ValuePropertyTypical Value
ColorBlackDielectric loss factor0.78%
Validity after open package30mintuesDielectric constant3.45(2mm)
Drying time of surface2hVolume resistance1.45 x 1015
Time of obtaining intensity168hUV resistance>1000h
Fully curing time4hTensile Strength1.75Mpa
Operating temperature-20℃ to +40℃Elongation at break375%
Working temperature-40℃ to +90℃WaterproofIPX8
Hardness>40 Shore ATemp&Aging resistance-40℃ to +80℃ 144h
Dielectric strength≥32KV/2mmFlame RetardantV1

Regulatory Compliance | Certifications

ISO 9001:2015Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system

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