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KE28 Rubber Mastic Tape

KE28 Rubber Mastic Tape

KE28 Rubber Mastic Tape, made from an EPR backing, coated with aggressive mastic, 2’’ x 10’ x 65’’, self fusing tape, used for wire insulation

Model: KE28

Characteristic description

●Conformable for application over irregular surfaces
●Compatible with solid dielectric cables and wires
●Flexible over wide temperature range
●Excellent weather and moisture resistance, sealing properties
●Easy to use, no need heating and special tools

General Information

KE28 is a self fusing electrical insulating and waterproof tape, insulation for motor leads rated up to 1000volts, primary electrical insulation for bus bar connections rated up to 35KV, padding for irregular shaped connections, waterproof sealing protection of overhead insulated wire joint, Moisture sealing for ground wire, cable and wire connections.


PropertiesTypical Value
Tensile Strength1.70Mpa
Elongation at break550%
Temperature 90℃
Emergency overload temperature130℃
Dielectric Strength22 KV/mm
Ozone ResistancePass
UV ResistancePass

Regulatory Compliance | Certifications

ISO 9001:2015Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system

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