Wire Harness Tapes

The use of tape in automotive wiring harnesses is very widespread. Its functions include bundling wires, protecting wires, serving as an insulation layer, sound absorption and noise reduction, labeling and marking, and fixation.

Rubber Electrical Tapes

PVC Wire  Harness Tape

The full name of PVC tape is “Polyvinyl Chloride Electrical Insulation Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape.” Its base material is a soft PVC film, and its adhesive layer mainly consists of natural rubber, acrylic adhesive, synthetic rubber, etc. PVC tape has good properties such as temperature resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, oil stain resistance, and flame retardancy.

Rubber Electrical Tapes

Wire Harness Cloth Tape

The commonly used cloth-based tapes include the following types: fiber cloth tape; polyester cloth tape; wool-polyester cloth tape; velvet tape; wool felt tape; electrical insulation waterproof tape; non-adhesive cloth tape, etc. The common color of cloth-based tape is black. The standard sizes for cloth-based tape are usually 20×25, 40×25 and so on, with a typical thickness ranging from 0.25 to 0.8mm.

Rubber Electrical Tapes

Sponge Tape

For automotive wiring harnesses, conventional sponge tape is made from high-density flame-retardant sponge as the base material. After technical processing, it is coated with a specially formulated pressure-sensitive adhesive. It features shock absorption, noise reduction, and is easy to tear.