Cloth and Duct Tape

Rubber Electrical Tapes

Duct Tape

  • Immediate adherence is observed on an extensive array of substrates, encompassing metal, glass, plastic, and treated concrete, facilitated by a robust natural rubber adhesive.
  • The integration of a woven fabric scrim grants the tape the capability for manual, uncomplicated tearing.
  • The tape’s pliable backing is aptly suited for applications on surfaces with intricate contours.
Rubber Electrical Tapes

Cloth Tape

  • Under conditions of extreme adversity, the MAXWEL Cloth Tapes collection encompasses glass cloth tapes engineered to endure temperatures as high as 450°.
  • These tapes boast superior adhesive strength and a robust backing that defies abrasion, contraction, decomposition, and combustion.
  • The assortment is particularly suited for joining fabrics or textured materials and provides selections with fire-resistant properties and thermosetting functionalities.
Rubber Electrical Tapes

Gaffer Tapes

  • Operable at temperatures reaching 200°F/93°C for durations as long as 1 hour, suited for particular specialized scenarios.
  • The backing, coated with vinyl, boasts flexibility, durability, water resilience, and the convenience of manual tearing.
  • The back’s matte finish ensures resistance to reflection and abrasion, rendering it a preferred selection for safeguarding applications.


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