Vinyl Electrical Tape ( PVC Electrical Insulation Tape )


The MAXWEL brand is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, particularly when it comes to its VINYL Electrical Tape. This particular product boasts exceptional characteristics that make it stand out in the electrical industry.

It possesses excellent insulation capabilities, ensuring that wires and electronic components remain safeguarded against potential electrical mishaps. Additionally, its flame resistance ensures that it doesn’t easily catch fire, adding an extra layer of safety. The tape’s remarkable voltage resistance means it can withstand high voltage up to 600V applications without faltering. Not to be forgotten is its cold resistance property, which ensures its durability even in lower temperatures.

The PVC electrical Insulation tape by MAXWEL is especially suitable for wire winding tasks. Professionals and hobbyists alike trust it for insulating and securing a wide range of electrical equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, transformers, motors, capacitors, stabilizers, and other vital electronic components.

When you choose MAXWEL, you’re opting for reliability and performance.

MAXWEL ‘s Vinyl Tape ( PVC Electrical Insulation Tape ) is a stretchy vinyl (PVC) film with a pressure-sensitive adhesive made of rubber that doesn’t corrode,Flame retardant,weather resistance , voltage up to 600V and temperature up to 80℃


Characteristic description

● Insulation for electrical wires and cable joints below 600V
● Protection for jackets of high voltage wires and cables
● Wrapping wires and cables, color coding
● Insulation protection for wire connection of electric devices indoors and outdoors

General Information

Composed of soft PVC film and rubber adhesive, used for insulation protection of electrical wires and cable joints with voltage up to 600V and temperature up to 80℃. MAXWEL Vinyl Electrical Tape( PVC electrical insulation tape ) has good conformable, excellent insulation, good flame retardant and good resistance to voltage, low temperature, UV, corrosion, acid and alkali, which can be used for electrical applications for insulation and mechanical protection.


PropertyTypical Value
Tensile strength 28N/cm
Elongation at break300%
Dielectric strength≥40KV/mm


Code BackingAdhesiveThickness(mm)Adhesion(N/cm)Tensile(N/cm)Elongation(%)Temperature(℃)Voltage Breakdown(KV/mm)Features&Application
100DPVCrubber0.10 1.51416080≥40Used for wrapping electric wires and cables etc.
165DPVCrubber0.16501.52520080≥40Be up to the UL standard, used for wrapping electric wires and cables etc.
200DPVCrubber0.20 1.53022080≥40
100ZPVCrubber0.10 1.51416080≥40Flame retardant, used for wrapping electric wires, automotive wire hamess and cables ect.
165ZPVCrubber0.16501.52520080≥40Be up to the UL standard, flame retardant, used for wrapping electric wires, automotive wires hamess and cables etc.
200ZPVCrubber0.20 1.53020080≥40


Width: 19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm

Length: 9.14m , 18m, 20m, 30m

Regulatory Compliance | Certifications

ISO 9001:2015Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system