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SS0225 Ultra-thin Flame retardant heat shrink tube

SS0225 Ultra-thin Flame retardant heat shrink tube

Heat Shrink Tube, Ultra-thin, Flame retardant, Shrink Ratio 2:1
Model: SS0225

Characteristic description

●Standards: UL 224,CAN/CSA C22.2 NO198、1-99
●Shrink Ratio: 2:1
●Good Flame Retardant, Fast shrinking speed
●Environmentally Friendly, meet Rohs standard
●Initial/Full shrinking temp: ≥ 70 ℃ / ≥ 120 ℃
●Operating Temp: -55 to 125 ℃
●Standard Color: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Green and Blue

General Information

Ultra-thin flame-retardant heat-shrinkable tube,made of radiation-cross linked polyolefin material, has excellent physical and chemical properties. Its main functions are electrical insulation of joints, anti-rust & lightning protection of welding points, mechanical protection and wire harness. They are widely used in fields of electronics, communications, automobiles, ships and aircraft manufacturing.


SpecificationInner diameter (mm)Inner Diameter After Fully Shrinked (mm)Wall Thickness After Fully Shrinked (mm)Standard Packing M/Roll
Φ 1.0 CB1.40±0.2≤0.650.20±0.10200
Φ 1.5 CB1.90±0.2≤0.850.20±0.10200
Φ 2.0 CB2.40±0.2≤1.000.22±0.10200
Φ 2.5 CB2.90±0.2≤1.300.25±0.10200
Φ 3.0 CB3.40±0.2≤1.500.28±0.10200
Φ 3.5 CB3.90±0.2≤1.800.28±0.10200
Φ 4.0 CB4.40±0.2≤2.000.30±0.10200
Φ 4.5 CB4.90±0.2≤2.300.30±0.10100
Φ 5.0 CB5.50±0.2≤2.500.32±0.10100
Φ 6.0 CB6.50±0.2≤3.000.32±0.10100
Φ 7.0 CB7.50±0.3≤3.500.32±0.10100
Φ 8.0 CB8.50±0.3≤4.000.32±0.10100
Φ 9.0 CB9.50±0.3≤4.500.35±0.10100
Φ 10 CB10.50±0.3≤5.000.35±0.10100
Φ 11 CB11.50±0.3≤5.500.40±0.10100
Φ 12 CB12.50±0.3≤6.000.40±0.10100
Φ 13 CB13.50±0.3≤6.500.40±0.10100
Φ 14 CB14.50±0.3≤7.000.40±0.10100
Φ 15 CB15.50±0.4≤7.500.40±0.10100
Φ 16 CB16.50±0.4≤8.000.40±0.10100
Φ 17 CB17.50±0.4≤8.500.40±0.10100
Φ 18 CB18.50±0.4≤9.000.42±0.10100
Φ 20 CB20.50±0.5≤10.00.45±0.10100
Φ 22 CB22.50±0.5≤11.00.45±0.10100
Φ 25 CB25.50±0.5≤12.50.45±0.10100
Φ 28 CB28.50±0.5≤14.00.45±0.1050

Regulatory Compliance | Certifications

ISO 9001:2015Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system

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