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CFT Wire Harness Tape

CFT Wire Harness Tape

VERSEF-51217 Wire Harness tape, designed for wrapping on automobile wire harness , anti-dirty, high temperature resistance, 19mmx25m

Model: VERSAF 51217

Characteristic description

●High adhesive force, good noise resistance
●Excellent media resistance
●Strong abrasion resistance, strong chemical resistance,
●Extremely soft surface

General Information

VERSAF51217 CFT Wire Harness Tape is designed for wrapping on automobile wire harness , anti-dirty, high temperature resistance and high abrasion resistance which make the CFT tape be used ideally in the area near the engine, battery or on normal wire harness


Backing MaterialChemical Fiber ClothAdhension To Backing≥1.5N/cm
GlueAcry Pressure
Sensitive Adhesive
Thickness0.17±0.03mmTemperature Range-40℃~125℃
Tensile Strength>60N/cmFire ResistanceGrade C(Burning Speed ≤100mm/min)
Unwind Strength7~12NNoise ResistanceGrade B [>2~≤5dB(A)]
Adhension To Steel≥1.5N/cm

Regulatory Compliance | Certifications

ISO 9001:2015Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system

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