FCT Fiber Cloth Wire Harness Tape for Automotive

VERSAF61217 Wire harness tape, used for wrapping automobile wire harness, 19mmx25m, wide temperature range from -40 to 150℃, ideal for wire harness at auto engine area

Model: VERSAF61217

Characteristic description

●High adhesive force, high noise resistance
●Excellent media resistance
●Strong abrasion resistance, strong chemical resistance
●Extremely soft surface, flexible and easy to handle

General Information

VERSAF 51635 wire harness tape, it has high temperature resistance ability, outstanding performance on high adhesive and tensile strength which make it ideal be used in the auto engine area.


Backing MaterialFiber ClothAdhension To Backing≥1.5N/cm
GlueAcry Pressure
Sensitive Adhesive
Thickness0.25±0.05mmTemperature Range-40℃~150℃
Tensile Strength>150N/cmFire ResistanceGrade C(Burning Speed ≤100mm/min)
Unwind Strength6~12NNoise ResistanceGrade D (1000~5000strokes)
Adhension To Steel≥1.5N/cm

Regulatory Compliance | Certifications

ISO 9001:2015Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system

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