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Weatherproofing Kit

Weatherproofing Kit

Weatherproofing Kit, Including 6 rolls 2 1/” x 12′ Butyl Mastic Tape, 2 rolls 3/4” x 66′ and 1 roll 2” x 20′ All-weather Vinyl Tape


Characteristic description

●Consist of premium 6 pcs butyl mastic tape and 3 pcs different sizes all weather pvc tape
●No loosening of connections, provide reliable moisture seal
●Provide excellent weatherproof and waterproof protection
●Perform well on irregular surface
●Suitable for outdoor cable connections of wide range sizes

General Information

Weatherproofing Kit provides reliable weatherproof, waterproof and moisture seal protection for outdoor antenna, cable and wire connections, making the connections suitable for buried cable application. It will also keep connectors no loosening and can be used on more than one connections with wide range sizes.


PropertiesTypical Value
ApplicationElectrical Maintenance
Case Quantity9 kits
UV Resistance Yes
Operating Temperature Range-18-105℃
Emergency overload Temperature130℃
Voltage applicationLow voltage
Shelf life 5 years
Performance levelProfessional grade
Ozone and Aging ResistancePass

Regulatory Compliance | Certifications

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