Silicone Rubber Cold Shrink Tubing with Putty Tape Inside for Feeder Waterproof

Silicone Rubber Cold Shrink Tubing with Putty Tape Inside provides a water-resistant sealing ,Rated for up to 1 KV applications


Characteristic description

●Rubber sleeve with sealing mastic provides a water-resistant sealing
●Good thermal stability,no gaps under thermal expansion and contraction
●Excellent weather resistance and waterproof sealing properties
●Factory-expanded for easy installation
●Aging resistant,retains its resiliency even after prolonged years of aging and exposure

General Information

Silicone cold shrink tube with butyl tape insides provides excellent water-resistant sealing performance .They are a series of open-ended,tubular rubber sleeves ,which are factory expanded and assembled onto a removable core.The core will be removed after the tube has been positioned for installation over an line connection,coupling,termination etc. Cold shrink tube is an ideal sealing product for communication cables,coaxial cables,medium and low voltage power cables.


Technical Data Sheet
PropertyTypical Value
Tensile Strength9.80Mpa
Elongation 840%
Hardness43±5 shore A
Tear Strength39N/mm
Dielectric Strength23KV/mm
Volume Resistivity9x1015Ω•cm
UV ResistancePass
Ozone ResistancePass

Size Range
ModelID(Expended)Application RangeLength after relaxed
Unit: mm

Regulatory Compliance | Certifications

ISO 9001:2015Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system

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