KE30TRI Centre Line Silicone Rubber Tape

KE30TRI Centre Line Silicone Rubber tape made of silicone rubber ,1” X 32’ 20mil, tensile strength up to 7.60Mpa

Model: KE30TRI

Characteristic description

●High conformable, especially suitable for irregular surfaces and objects
●One layer can withstand voltages up to 8000V, convenient and saving time
●Self fusing, do not stick to hand and other objects
●Excellent weather resistant, aging resistant, UV and corrosion resistant

General Information

KE30TRI is made of silicone rubber by adopting special process. There is a colored line in the centre of the tape, regarded as a reference baseline when applying half-overlapping wrap. After installation, it will form a layer with uniform thickness.


PropertyTypical Value
Tensile Strength7.60Mpa
Elongation at break430%
Emergency overload temperature300℃
Dielectric Strength21KV/mm

Regulatory Compliance | Certifications

ISO 9001:2015Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system

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