Ground Bars

Ground Bars, Universal hole pattern, Made of different numbers of holes, allow different runs with two hole lugs, Kits contains insulators and mounting brackets


Characteristic description

● Made from copper, Tin plated type available
● Accepts 3/8” Lugs
● Universal hole pattern
● Accepts two-hole Lugs with 3/4” to 1” hole spacing
● A kit contains Insulators and Mounting Brackets

General Information

Ground Bars are made of copper and Tinned copper. One kit contains insulators and mounting brackets.
They are used to protect electrical equipment from bad weather conditions and the electrical shocks of high voltage.


Part No.DimensionNo of Holes
MW1021/4'' x 2'' x 6''10
MW2021/4'' x 2'' x 10''20
MW2621/4'' x 2'' x 12''26
MW2041/4'' x 4'' x 6''20
MW5241/4'' x 4'' x 12''52
MW8441/4'' x 4'' x 18''84
MW9241/4'' x 4'' x 20''92
MW10441/4'' x 4'' x 24''104

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