Electrical Tape Vinyl Black

Electrical Tape Vinyl Black

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Electrical Tape Vinyl Black – 3/4 IN 65 FT Professional Flame Retardant Waterproof PVC Electrical Insulation Tape For All Weather Under 600V Home Outdoor Multipurpose Electric Insulating Wire Wrapping



Material     Black PVC Vinyl Electrical Tape,     Polyvinyl Chloride
Color     Black
Brand     Maxwel Manufacturing
Number of Items     2

About this item

● 3/4 IN 65 FT professional black PVC electrical tape,great multipurpose PVC tape for electrical insulation under 600V / wire wrapping;

● Strong adhesive electrical tape will supply you strong and sturdy wire wrapping to avoid tape coming off to ensure electricity safety;

● Strong stretchability electrical tape will supply you tight wrapping with strong holding force to avoid electricity leakage;

● All weather useable professional black electrical insulation tape,waterproof and weatherproof for up to 221℉ outdoor and indoor use;

● Durable and aging resistance with good resistance to UV,abrasion,corrosion,acid and alkali,reduce your electricity maintenance cost.

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