DM0425 Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tubing,RoHs Met and Flame Retardant

4:1 shrink ratio
Low longitudinal shrinkage
Superior sealing against water, moisture or other contaminants
Ideal for connector sealing covering large diameter differences
Inner adhesive bonds to plastics, steel and polyethylene
Flame retardant( out jacket only)
Continuous operating temperature:-45℃-125℃
Shrink Temperature:125℃

Characteristic description

Standard: UL
Heat shrinkage ratio:4:1
Initial shrinkage temperature: ≥+70℃;
Full shrinkage temperature: ≥+125℃
Operating temperature: -45℃~+125℃
High shrinkage, flame retardant outer layer, UV resistance
Environmental protection standards: RoHS
Standard color: black (Special color available)

General Information

Mainly used in various wiring harnesses, marine wires and cables, and metal pipes that need to be sealed, insulated, bundled and fixed where waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant applications are required.


Specification of outer floor

PropertyTest methodStandard PerformanceTypical Performance
Tensile strength(MPa)ASTM D 2671≥ 10.411.5
Elongation(%)ASTM D 2671≥ 300450
Tensile strength after aging(MPa)UL224 158 ℃*168h≥ 7.38.5
Elongation after aging (%)UL224 158 ℃*168h≥ 200350
Dielectric strength(kV/mm)IEC 60243≥ 1517.5
Volume resistivity( Ω.cm)IEC 60093≥ 1*10142.5* 1014

Specification of hot melt glue inside
PropertyTest methodStandard Performance
Water AbsorptionASTM D 570< 0.2%
Softening Point( ℃)ASTM E 2890±5
Strength of pearing (PE)ASTM D 1000120N/25mm
Strength of pearing (AL)ASTM D 100080N/25mm

Size Range
SizeExpandedAfter RecoveryStandard Package
InchmmInternal Diameter  (mm)Internal Diameter  (mm)Total Wall Thickness  (mm)Adhesive Thickness  (mm)Spool Length M/spool
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