Copper crimp connectors

Copper Crimp Connectors, made of good quality copper material, filled with neutral grease, extremity closed by a protection cap


Characteristic description

● Made of brand new copper material
● Nice appearance
● Good electrical conductivity
● For connecting the wires and cables

General Information

Copper Crimp Connectors are made of good quality copper, filled with neutral grease, extremities closed by a protection cap. They are widely used for connecting the wires and cables.


Part No.Dimensions(mm)
GLC 166.31695
GLC 257.51695
GLC 358.51695
GLC 509.52095
GLC 70112095
GLC 95132095
GLC 12014.225102
GLC 1501625102
GLC 1851825102
GLC 2402032102
GLC 3002332102
GLC 4002633102

Regulatory Compliance | Certifications

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