Aluminum mechanical lugs with shear off head bolts

Aluminum mechanical lugs, with shear off head bolts, made of high strength tin-plated aluminum alloy and screws, used for connecting wires and cables


Characteristic description

● High strength tin-plated aluminium alloy
● Brass Bolts, tin-plated
● Center rings are enclosed for positioning central conductor
● Good electrical conductivity

General Information

This Aluminum mechanical lugs are designed with shear off head bolts, made of high strength tin-plated aluminum alloy and bolts. Its hole will connect the screw and its end will connect the peeled wires and cables, which is a good choice for connecting cables to connectors on the electrical equipment.


Part No.Al in mm²Cu in mm²Number of boltsDimensions (mm)Palm hole mm
round strandedround solidsector strandedround strandedsector strandedLdDa
MCL 16-95 X 1225-9525-9525-7025-9525-7016012.5243213
MCL 16-95 X 1625-9525-9525-7025-9525-7016012.5243213
MCL50-150 X 1235-15035-15035-15035-15035-15018615.5303513
MCL50-150 X 1635-15035-15035-15035-15035-15018615.5303517
MCL95-240 X 1295-24095-24095-18595-24095-185211220335613
MCL95-240 X 1695-24095-24095-18595-24095-185211220335617
MCL120-300 X 12120-300120-300120-240120-300120-240211525386713
MCL120-300 X 16120-300120-300120-240120-300120-240211525386717
MCL185-400 X 12185-400185-400185-300185-400185-300213729427813
MCL185-400 X 16185-400185-400185-300185-400185-300213729427817

Regulatory Compliance | Certifications

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