• Self fusing, highly conformable to irrugular surface
  • Outstanding resistance to ozone, tracks and arcs
  • Suitable for protecting high-voltage cables from tracking
  • For emergencies and all-purpose repairs
  • Instant creates an air-tight, waterproof seal

KE30S Rectangular Type

KE30S tapes are ideal for applications where a smooth, even layer of tape is not required.


KE30TRI Triangular Tape

Its tapered edges and a colored line along the apex. KE30TRI Tapes are designated to form a smooth surface when each wrap is advanced one half the tapes width. The colored guide line down the center of the tape makes wrapping with a one half advance a simple and repeatable process.


KE30SIN Fiberglass Reinforced Tapes

KE30SIN fusible tapes incorporate a sinusoidal fiberglass fabric that gives a controlled elongation and increased tear resistance and tensile strength of the tape.KE30SIN tape have a minimum elongation before fracture of 25%. The reinforcement has excellent mechanical characteristics while allowing the tape to conform to irregular shapes.

KE30SIN_Fiberglass reinforced_tape
KE30SIN_Fiberglass reinforced_tape


PropertyTypical ValueTest Method
Thermal Stability180oC (356oF)
Temperature Range-54oC to +260oC (-65oF to +500oF)
Volume Resistivity1013 ohm-cm minimumASTM D257
Self Adhesion2 lbf/in minimumASTM D2148
Hardness55 +/- 10 shore AASTM D2240
Moisture Absorption0.9% (46 hrs. in H2O @ 21oC)


• All tapes are protected by polyethylene or polyester interleaved liner.
• Remains non-tacky to the touch and does not adhere to other surfaces, or substrates.
• Remove cleanly without leaving any sticky residue behind like a vinyl electrical tape with pressure sensitive adhesive does when removed.
• Insulates with single wrap, thereby reducing labor time and cost.
• Dampens vibration and resists heat and mechanical shock as well as corona.
• Resists moisture, oxygen, ozone, and most harsh industrial chemicals, including acids and bases, to assure continuous high insulation values.
• Conforms smoothly when wrapped around complex forms such as wire bundles, elbows, t-fittings and couplings.
• Bonds to itself at room temperature within 24 hours to form a homogeneous profile.
• Note: Maxwel Self Fusing Silicone Tapes(SFST) form a homogeneous profile within minutes at room temperature.
• Bonds when wet.

Size available

Thickness: 12 mil (0.3mm), 20 mil (0.50mm)
Width: 3/4"(19mm),  1" (25mm), 1-1/2" (38mm), 2" (50mm)
Length: 10' (3m), 17' (5m), 33' (10m)

* Custom width and length available.


Maxwel 's Self Fusing Silicone Tape(SFST) meet the needs of thousands of applications for many years. Since the initial purpose for insulating and cable wrapping or for pipe repair to harnessing to passivation and masking, the list of applications continues to increase. Here only a few typical applications to show you an idea of the important role Maxwel 's Self Fusing Silicone Tape (SFST) play.

• Bus Bar Insulation
• Cooling System Repairs
• Radio/Loran Connection Protection
• Fishing Rod Guide and Grip Tape
• Protecting Boat Wiring
• Wrapping Irregular Shapes
• Marine Hose Repairs
• Emergency Insulation Tape
• Emergency Insulating Barriers
• Boat Power Hook-up Protective Wrap
• Electrical Insulation Uses
• Coil Encapsulation
• For Protective Over wrapping
• Garden Hose Repairs
• Boat Deck Fitting Wrapping
• Fishing Industry Uses
• Wiring Harness Protective Wrap
• Home Repairs
• Boating Applications

• Emergency Plumbing Repairs
• Aircraft Harness Wrapping
• Emergency Radiator Hose Repairs
• Rewraps Sailboard Wishbones
• Military Applications
• RV "Hook-up" Protective Wrap
• Jet Ski Electrical Protection
• Vacuum Cleaner Hose Repairs
• Salt Waterproof Wrap
• Insulating Generator Coils
• Power and Hand Tool Insulation
• Underwater Uses
• Jacketing High Voltage Terminations
• Motor Lead Insulation
• Boat Rigging Wrap
• Flexible Heater Repairs
• Extension Cord "Connection" Wrap
• Heavy Duty Industrial Pipe Wrap
• Tool Handle Wrapping
• "Final Wrap" for Electrical Distribution Connections

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