Company Profile

Maxwel Manufacturing Co., Ltd is committed to providing overall solutions and services for high-quality insulation, protection and flame retardant products in the global power and communication fields to help customers create value. In terms of electricity, we make efforts to guarantee safe, efficient and energy-saving power transmission and supply. In terms of communication, we strive to make communication faster, simpler and more efficient !

Corporate Philosophy

Maxwel is deeply aware that either power supply or network applications require stability and reliance. Our solutions are standardized, packaged, cost-effective and easy to install. We understand that even the extremely minute design will offer you performance superiorities and better experiences. Whether in the aspect of improving product performance, trying to reduce failure rate and increase stability, or using the common, user-friendly connection solutions, Maxwel can help you discover more scientific successful solutions.

Layout Future

At present and in the near future, the development of technologies such as Internet of Things, seamless connection and 5G will hasten new demands and strategic thinking. By virtue of our expertise and skills in the applications of polymer materials, we are actively catering to the public demand for the enhancement and upgrade of electricity and networks. We feel fulfilled that our skills and enthusiasm could serve the public.