Cold Shrink Cable Sheath Repair Kit

Cold Shrink Cable Sheath Repair Kit, contains five parts:
● 1 Roll of KE28 Rubber Mastic Tape
● 1 Roll of Armor Tape
● 1 Piece of Cleaning Solvent Cloth
● 1 Piece of Cleaning Cotton Cloth
● 1 Pair of Gloves

Characteristic description

● Compatible for all solid dielectric cables
● Good conformable, suitable for irregular surfaces
● Excellent insulation, moisture resistance and sealing
● Easy to use, no need flame, electricity or chemicals

General Information

Cold Shrink Cable Sheath Repair Kit can easily repair cable out sheath by using two simple tapes, no need flame, electricity or chemicals.
First wrapping 1 roll of rubber mastic tape on the damaged cable sheath to repair and create an insulation, moisture resistant sealing layer,
then wrapping 1 roll of armor tape to create a rigid structure with strong mechanical protection.
The kit is widely used for high voltage cable and cable joint.


Property of KE28 Rubber Matic TapeTypical Value
Operating Temperature90 ℃
Tensile Strength1.7 Mpa
Elongation at Break5.5
Dielectric Strength22KV/mm
Property of Armor TapeTypical Value
Fully Curing TimeIn 24 Hours
Impact Toughness≥30kJ/mm2
Tensile Strength (Longitudinal)≥12Mpa
Tensile Strength (Transverse)≥32Mpa
Interlaminar Strength≥15N/25mm
Compression Strength≥300N

Regulatory Compliance | Certifications

ISO 9001:2015Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system

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