Butyl Tape

KE29 Butyl Mastic Seal Tape, composed of conformable, durable, tacky masic with an easy-tear release liner, 2.5’’ x 2’ x 1/8’’
Model: KE29

Characteristic description

High conformable to any irregular surface and object
Wide temperature stability while maintaining its sealing properties
Good adhesion and sealing characteristics to metals, synthetic cable insulation and jackets
Excellent weather resistant, waterproof, sealing properties

General Information

KE29 butyl seal tape is made of conformable, durable, tacky mastic with an easy-tear release liner, excellent weather resistance, waterproof, sealing properties, sealing ducts and cable end seals, padding irregular shaped connections, used for filling and sealing installation holes of air conditioning or other equipment.


PropertiesTypical Value
Tensile Strength0.45Mpa
Temperature Range-55℃~80℃
Operating Temperature-18℃~55℃

Regulatory Compliance | Certifications

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