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Angle Adapters

Angle Adapters

Weatherproofing Kit, Including 6pcs 2.5” x 12” Butyl Tape and 3 pcs All-weather Vinyl Tape


Model: WPK

Characteristic description

●Ideal for cable joint and termination splices in high voltage circuits
●Made from ERP rubber and suitable for irregular surface
●Dielectric strength up to 35KV/mm, and meet up to 69KV circuits
●Wide width range from 0.76in to 2in to meet most conductor surface

General Information

VERSAF32 high voltage rubber self amalgamating tape is made from
EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber). Non-vulcanized, storage-resistant, excellent electrical performance electrical splicing tape, widely used in cable terminals and cabletermination, for splicing, insulation and protection, can be used up to 69KV circuit.


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